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WhiteOptics® Glare Reduction (DFGR)

Reducing Glare is Increasingly Critical

Lighting designers expect luminaire solutions that will aid in creating sustained productivity while emphasizing comfort and health. Glare emitted from lighting is one of the major concerns that can reduce productivity.  Combatting glare from luminaires is one of the key measures to improve the visual comfort of lighting in spaces and create a more productive environment.

The lighting industry uses Unified Glare Ratings (UGR) to convey the best application for luminaires, so that lighting designers and specifiers can deliver healthier environments that meet WELL Building Institute guidelines and the IES recommendations for creating comfortable spaces.  Reduced UGR is now also a requirement for DLC Premium qualification and many utility rebate programs.

WhiteOptics diffusion films for glare reduction (DFGR series) provide ultimate control by using precise microstructure optics to redirect high angle light into useful zones.  This reduction in glare results in much more visually comfortable lighting and a significantly lower Unified Glare Rating (UGR).


• Article on understanding UGR to create a visually comfortable environment.

• Reduced UGR requirements from DLC Premium Requirements under Technical Requirements V5.1