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Split Diffusion

Reduce on-axis light while increasing mid-angle output for “batwing” type distributions for aisle-lighting, uplighting, and maximized fixture spacing. Based on your fixture design and optical requirements, our engineers can help you select the appropriate product to best meet your needs.

Split Specifications

Product #Peak Angle (degree)Nadir Suppression (%)Efficiency (%)Max widthTotal Thickness
DFBW-30:7030709248.5 in. / 1232 mm0.012 in. / 0.305 mm
DFBW-30:9030909223.5 in. / 597 mm0.006 in. / 0.152 mm
DFBW-20:9520959048.5 in. / 1232 mm0.012 in. / 0.305 mm

Our split diffusion films are available in pre-cut sheets or continuous, seamless rolls.

These products are directional and should be installed with the prismatic (glossy) side facing toward the lamp.