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Conical Diffusion

Hide lamp images, improve LED color mixing, and symmetrically spread light to achieve soft, uniform illumination for improved aesthetics and visual comfort at the highest efficiency. Based on your fixture design and optical requirements, our engineers can help you select the appropriate product to best meet your needs.

Conical Specifications

Product #Beam Angle (degree)EfficiencyWidthTotal Thickness
DF 05
5>95%Up to 24" wide0.005" (.127mm)
DF 10
10>95%Up to 24" wide0.005" (.127mm)
DF 20
20>95%Up to 24" wide0.005" (.127mm)
DF 30C
30>95%Up to 58" wide0.006" (.152mm)
DF 60C
60>94%Up to 48" wide0.006" (.152mm)
DF 90C
90>93%Up to 58" wide0.007" (.177mm)

Products whose codes end with a “C” are seamless at any length, while those without a “C” have a visible 1mm seam every 24” (610mm) in the roll direction.

DF90C is a double-sided diffusor and can be installed in any orientation; all other diffusors are directional and should be installed with the microstructures (textured side) facing away from the lamp.